Hello! I'm Sylvester Draggon Jr, a pianist, composer and artist from New York City.

I taught myself how to play the piano when I was 4 and spent a large chunk of my childhood listening to Chopin, Liszt and other homies alike.

During my teen years, I became infatuated with rhythm games like DDR, beatmania IIDX and pop’n music. In 2006 I created the moniker sylcmyk and began producing music influenced by video game consoles like the NES, Gameboy and Sega Genesis.

I went to Talent Unlimited, an itsy-bitsy performing arts high school in the city and graduated from Brooklyn’s City Tech with a degree in Communication Design. I've also been studying Japanese at the Tenri Cultural Institute since 2010.

Although I’ve performed my electronic stuff at awesome venues like Webster Hall and Babycastles, I prefer playing the piano reclusively in my bedroom.

In my free time I enjoy browsing through the ancient art collections at the MET and traversing the High Line.